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Stephanie's Song

by Serena

The woods in the back of the Clearwater School for Magic was a peaceful place to go when one wanted to think things over. A blond -haired, blue eyed, elven girl did this
exact thing under a tree. It was exactly one year since she arrived at the school and so much has happened to her. Her previous life seemed like it was all a dream. She pinched
herself many times. She wondered if her previous life even existed. However, the memories were still fresh in her mind as if it only happened yesterday. She can still hear
her aunts shrill voice.
Where have you been? shrieked a high pitched voice.
I went to collect more firewood. I had to go farther out to collect some.
Well, you are late! snapped the girls aunt. You still need to start supper. I hope for
your sake supper wont be late tonight. You know how your uncle gets upset when his dinner isnt ready on time. She grabbed the girls arm and forced her through the door.
You better get cooking. The girl walked over to the stove which had already been lit. She reached up to grab the big, black pot from the peg. She almost had it when it slipped
from her fingers and hit the floor with a clang. Her aunt turned around and yelled, You stupid, clumsy girl! Cant you do anything right? Well, dont just stand there. Pick it up!
Stephanie picked up the pot quickly and filled it with water from the pump. She carefully
set it down on the stove and started to wash and peel the vegetables for the stew.
You should be appreciative that we took you in girl. You could have gone to one of those orphanages. We took you in after your parents died and this is how you repay us? If
it wasnt for us, you would be in one of those gods forsaken orphanages. Her aunt continued to rant and rave about how ungrateful she was. It was her aunts favorite topic. Stephanie secretly believed that her aunt and uncle blamed her for her parents death. She was only three when they died of the Sickness. She sometimes wished she was
somewhere else, besides here.
Finally, the stew was ready and the table set. Just in time too because her uncle barged through the door, ravenous. Wheres my dinner! he bellowed. Stephanies uncle was a big, burly man. He stood over six feet tall and very round in the middle. It is all ready. replied his wife. Stephanie brought the stew out and served her aunt and uncle before serving herself. The meal went well and uneventful in silence.
When the meal was over, Stephanie and her aunt cleared the table and stacked the dishes in the sink. The elven girl washed and dried the dishes under her aunts scrutiny. She had to wash and dry the dishes carefully. If any of them broke, she would be punished. She didnt want to chance her uncles fury. The girl was on her last plate. She had washed it. She started to dry the big plate when it slipped from her fingers and shattered to the floor. What have you done now? shrieked her aunt. That was my
favorite platter and you broke it! You are so clumsy! She just stared at her aunt in shock. Her uncle approaching, broke her out of her shock. How many times have we told you to pay attention to what you are doing? he bellowed. Stephanie started to shake. I am sorry, uncle.
Sorry! Sorry! You havent even begun to be sorry. He pulled her towards the door and out of the house towards the shed. Your aunt is far too lenient on you. You need to be taught a lesson and I will teach it to you. The scared girl tried to struggle and escape but her uncle had a tight grip on her. They reached the shed and he yanked open the door. He pushed his niece through the door and slammed it shut. He turned the girl around roughly so that her backside was facing him. You havent begun to feel sorry. I should have done this a long time ago. You need to learn to obey, her uncle sneered. He pulled Stephanies
pants and undergarments down so that her backside was exposed. He unbuckled his belt from his pants and folded it once. You will learn to obey, he said again. The first blow came fast. Stephanie cried out from the sting. Then the next blow came and the next, turning the girls buttocks red. She tried not to cry out. The next blow made her scream in pain. The more she responded, the harder and faster the belt came. She lost count of how many times she was struck. Ten, twenty times, she didnt know. Suddenly, the beating stopped. Her body shaking, she turned around and saw her uncles twisted face. Go to your room. he commanded.
Stephanie ran out of the shed and didnt stop until she reached her room and threw herself onto the bed. She broke down and sobbed. I hate him! I hate him! I want to kill him! she yelled with conviction. As she said these words, a dagger appeared in her hand. Where did this come from? she wondered. Just then, a white parchment appeared under the door. The girl slowly walked to the door and picked up the paper. She turned it over in her hands then opened it. She read:
Dear Miss Winterdawn,
I congratulate you in your acceptance to Clearwater School for Magic. We will expect you on the next full moon. Uniforms and supplies will be provided. Looking forward to
meeting you.
Yours Sincerely,
Headmaster Mikeal
The elven girl looked confused. School of Magic? I am not a mage. Her thoughts were broken by her uncles heavy footsteps through the cottage. She quickly hid the dagger
and the note under her pillow. Her door banged open. Girl, where are you? Her uncle looked disorientated. His vision focused in and out. He spotted her and made his way
towards the bed. He stood right in front of the her. She could smell the alcohol on his breath. I am going to teach you a lesson. the drunken man slurred. He grabbed her and
forced her on the bed. He held her arms above her head with one arm and proceeded to undressed her. He threw off her tunic, pants and undergarments. He stroked his nieces
breasts. She cringed at his touch but couldnt move under the massive pressure. Your breasts are so lovely, he whispered. He brought his lips to her breasts and began to suck. He moved his weight so that he was directly over her. While he sucked, he brought his free hand down to her vagina and started to massage her sex organ. An electric shock went through Stephanie. She moved, and twisted to get away. Her uncle thinking she enjoyed it, stroked and sucked. The drunken uncle kissed her fully on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She felt that every nerve of her body was on fire. She felt her sex organ swell and fill with her own fluid. Her uncle put his whole weight on Stephanie and undid his pants. He thrust his organ into her. With all his weight on the girl, he grabbed the girls sore buttocks with both hands. He pumped his sex organ into her; repeatedly back and forth. She screamed on the inside. His lips went once more to her breasts and sucked. He pumped faster and faster, deeper and deeper into the girls sex organ. She hurt with pain as he went deeper. Then she felt a rush of fluid as her uncle came to his climax.
He moaned loudly as all his fluid poured into her. Finally, he rolled off of her, breathing heavily. Stephanie finally saw her chance. She grabbed the dagger from under her pillow
and plunged it into her uncles chest. The man didnt even make a sound. The dagger disappeared from her hands. The elven girl didnt waste any time. She quickly got dressed, picked up the note, went over to the window, opened it and climbed out.
Now that she was outside, she breathed easier. Looking at the note again, she tried to figure out how she was going to get to the capital by the next full moon. She didnt have much time. The next full moon was tomorrow night and the capital was miles away. Then she heard something. There it was again, a neighing sound. The elven girl followed the sound until she reached the front of her house. There stood a horse but it wasnt really a horse but a unicorn. It was a very beautiful creature. The unicorn was a deep purple color with a gold horn and hooves. Stephanie moved closer to the creature. Can you take
me to the school? She didnt think so but there was no harm in asking. The unicorn nodded its head. She was shocked. Did you just nod your head? The unicorn nodded its head again. She didnt understand this but she figure it out later. She hopped on the creatures back and they vanished.
The next thing the elf remembered was standing in front of a white cottage surrounded by some buildings. It was too dark to tell what color the buildings were. A
single light came from the cottage. The purple unicorn indicated for the girl to follow.
They walked up to the cottage and stopped by the door. Stephanie contemplated opening the door. Before she could, it opened on its own.
A man with short white hair, dressed in a white robe appeared in the doorway.
Hello, he replied. Stephanie Winterdawn, I presume? She was more confused than ever. Yes, I am Stephanie. The man smiled. Come in. I have been expecting you. He
stepped back to let the girl and unicorn in. The white-haired man led them to a sitting room. Please, sit down. She sat on a comfortable sofa, the creature followed its legs and sat beside the sofa. Can I offer you anything to drink? offered the headmaster.
No, no thank you. Who are you?
Me? Sorry, where are my manners. My name is Headmaster Mikeal. I run the Clearwater School of Magic. The elven girl listened intently. OK, one question, isnt this school for people who have magical abilities? I am no mage, or bard. The man smiled at her. You arent? Are you sure? You never wondered where that dagger came from?
That wasnt me.
Yes it was. replied the headmaster. You summoned it.
How come I never did it before?
Perhaps, your power was asleep until now. Under the circumstances of tonight, I dont blame you for using them.
You know about what happened to me?
Yes, I know and that is why I sent Violet here to sent for you. He indicated the unicorn.
I know you killed you uncle in self-defense. Tomorrow, your aunt will find that he died of natural causes.
I see. but headmaster, no one in my family is a mage. How can I be one too?
Mikeals smile widened. You are a doubtful one, arent you. We dont know why some people are mages and some people are not. Sometimes, magery runs in the family.
Sometimes people from nonmagical families have the ability. Regardless, you are a mage. Now, it is late. You must be tired. It is too late to go to the girls dormitory now and I have a spare room all ready for you. Tomorrow, we can get you all settled in.
That was how it all started. Stephanie didnt see Violet after that. She wished she was a Chosen One like her friend, Altheia Summers. She always wanted a unicorn of her
very own. Then she heard a noise. It sounded familiar like she heard it before. It sounded like a horse. The girl got up and followed the noise to a clearing. There stood the purple unicorn that brought her to the school. She stepped closer to the creature. She called out to the unicorn. -Violet?- The unicorn flicked her ears. -Yes?- came the melodic voice.
-Is it you?-
-Yes.- replied the voice.
-What are you doing here?-
-You have been chosen. I chose you to be my partner in magic. The relationship between unicorn and mage is a partnership, Stephanie.-
-Why has it taken so long?-
-I wanted to make sure you were the one. Unicorns are matched carefully to their owners. Sometimes this process takes a long time. There was once a mage who was fifty years old,(in human years) before he was chosen by his unicorn. Now it is time to be getting back to the school.- The elven girl felt a happiness she never felt before. Her dream had come true. The girl jumped onto the unicorns back. -Wait until I tell Altheia.-
-She already knows.- came Violets voice.
-Diamond told her.-
-Of course. You, unicorns have your own special communication.-
-Something like that.- replied Violet. Unicorn and mage set off her the grounds of the school.


Avalon Publication:Feburary 2002

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