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Character's Name: Queen Imladra

Age: Unknown

Race: Sapara, though she has fallen from her kind

Description of Race: The Sapara are a race of winged humanoids, ancient in
the reckoning of creation. Theirs is the might of worlds, their sorcery the
fount of all magic. Immortal, yet not of the gods, they are much, much more,
beyond the governing of pantheons or the whims of mankind's faith. They have
since dwindled, the whole of their race hidden deep within the guarded Forest
of Indryss. From there, in secret, they oversee the unraveling of fate and
orchestrate the regeneration of the world.

These beings have no males, all are women. Their children are not born from
the seed of man, but from the very crackling energies of the earth. The
firmament, the streams, the deep glittering soil are the only lovers they
shall ever take.

Indeed, Imladra was once a part of this glorious sisterhood. Millennia ago,
the earth rejected her, would not grant her womb the spark of life. In her
rage, she cut the wings from her back, the very symbol of her sacred lineage,
and fled Indryss in wrath. Her blasphemy has born perhaps the darkest evil
ever to walk the folds of creation, for still she retains the seemingly
limitless powers and wisdom of her kind, yet she uses these darkly, poisoning
the earth, banishing the sun's light and seeking the world's decline-----and
the death of all the Sapara who still cling to the land, guarding it with
what feeble magics they can still muster. She is their nightmare----the only
thing they fear---and despise.

Description of Character: Imladra is the very avatar of dark, dreadful
beauty. Her hair is a glimmering holocaust of steel-colored tresses, the
cascade of it a forged trickle reaching to her ankles, where glitter pale
crystals on bands of electrum. Her emerald eyes are the object of legend, at
once mirroring the soft beauty of some hidden glade, but in an instant
igniting, burning with wrath, lanterns of jade spilling their own scorching
light, the power of them drowning the sun, smothering all radiance save that
which flickers in her gaze. Baleful is her glance, her features peerless,
echoing a dragon's deadly visage, her loveliness fearsome and lethal.
Slender, sinuous, fluid, her skin is molten perfection, lit by a silver
gleam. Her hands are supple, each of her fingers tipped by a great, glinting
claw. The Queen wears a robe whose fabric is midnight gossamer, the
spinnings of some shade-born spider, its hems and edgings strung with black,
glittering rubies, their redness only apparent in the light of her eyes.
This, then, a garment woven from the night, ornamented with blood droplets
cast from the sky. Even its matchless composition barely constrains the
demon-dragon form beneath

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