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How The Seasons Came To Be


Ciela, Goddess of the Sky, sat at her windowsill singing; yes actually singing. If one was in the vicinity, one would be surprised and shocked at this phenomenon. The fact was the goddess was expecting and how can you be anything but happy when expecting a little one. She was far too busy preparing for the little ones arrival. She was still singing when her husband, Terdon walked in to the room. You are in a cheery mood, my dear. It is unnatural. She gave him a stony, cold, hard look. I would think you would be happy about our little visitor. Terdon looked at her in bewilderment. Little visitor? What little visitor?
She sighed. Do I have to spell it out for you? I... am.. pregnant. What are you doing? Put me down! Terdon had picked up his wife and swung her around. Put me down, you big oaf. He carefully put her down. Sorry dear. I was taken up with the moment and all. When will our little visitor arrive? Ciela did a quick calculation in her head. Seven moons from now he or she will be here.
The next evening, all the gods and goddesses were invited to a celebration in honor of the new arrival.
All the gods and goddesses blessed the unborn child with good looks, eternal youth, and charm. Then Coroban stood up. He didnt like the fact that his mother was going to have another child. He was always his favorite and that is the way it was going to stay. Excuse me, I have not given my blessing to the unborn child. I bestow onto the child he never be born. By the next full moon, mother will lose the baby and it will die.
There was a startled cry throughout the hall and for the first time in her life, Ciela cried. How dare you say something like that! What a horrible thing to say! You are a selfish, good for nothing brat! I will never speak to you again! With that she ran out of the hall in tears. Terdon walked over shouting, How dare you speak to your mother like that! She nand I have been trying to have this child for moons. You are banned from this hall and world of gods. You can leave peacefully or I will have you thrown out!
OK, OK, old man. I am leaving. In a puff of black smoke Coroban disappeared.
Terdon turned to his guests. I am sorry for my sons behavior. Please let us forget about this incident and let us have a good time.
The incident was not forgotten. Coroban returned to the land down below the sky. He ended up in a village called Redding Cross. Perfect, he thought. This is one of mothers villages. I can destroy her yet. He went into the inn, dressed in one of his disguises of course. That Ceila, I cant stand it anymore. I pray to her loyally and what does she do? She hasnt sent any of my wishes and totally ignores me. Someone should go teach her a lesson thats what. From across the bar, Erik Bluemeadow listened carefully. He also felt niffed from the goddess of the sky. He spoke up, So what have you lost old man? Coroban smiled. His plan worked like a charm. Oh some crops and some livestock. Bluemeadow pulled up a chair. Tell me what else she has done. I have also had similar problems myself. Coroban couldnt believe his luck. Which gods do you follow my friend? Bluemeadow thought this an interesting question. I follow Ciela but lately I have been switching deities to Coroban. Now that is a god for me. The god of mischiefs smile broadened. Come my friend, I have something to show you out back. Bluemeadow followed the strange old man out of the inn. What is this all about? Coroban appeared in his godly glory. Do you know me? Bluemeadow looked astonished then got on bended knee. Oh mischievous master! The dark god was rather thrilled at this praise. Get up. I have a job for you. I want you to go back into the inn and spread the word that Ciela is destroying crops and livestock. In a moons time she will lose the baby then I want you to gather a group of people that feel hatred towards my mother and destroy her temples. Do this and I will reward you handsomely. Bluemeadow did as he was bid.
True to Crorbans word, Ciela lost her baby by the next full moon due to miscarriage. The ordeal sent the weeping goddess into despair. For months she cried nonstop. Since she controls the weather, the world turned cold and snowy. Crops and animals did die which made the people of Redding Cross very cross with the goddess.
Then the day came Cielas temples burned to the ground. Terdon went to tell his wife the bad news. Why is this happening? moaned the teary-eyed goddess. What did I ever do to them to deserve this. It is bad enough to lose a child, now I have to worry about my temples burning down. She burst into fresh tears at the thought. The god of Harvest put his arms around his wife, There, there, I know you are upset. The people think you deserted them dear. I have a feeling Coroban is behind this, I knew I should have stripped his powers too. Cielas expression changed from sadness to anger. They will both be punished. They cant treat me like this. I will send Devon to burn down their village.
Dont you think that is a bit drastic my dear?
They need to be taught a lesson. she said firmly.
The order was carried out as decreeded. Devon, ordered to destroy the village did so, but with a heavy heart. When the evil deed was done, Devon reported back to the queen of the gods. All he said was It has been done. The queen should have been happy but she wasnt. She still missed her child and Coroban still went unpunished. She continued to cry for months over the death of her child. She paced up and down the halls in a teary-eyed daze. Terdon could not take this anymore. He entered Cielas chambers to have a talk with her. When he entered, she was sitting in an ivory chair ; her eyes red from crying. Dearest? he said gently, This cant go on. You will get yourself sick and you know how your health affects the weather. I think it is time you talked to your people. I will go with you, if you like.
You are right. Lets go
The god and goddess arrived in Redding Cross to the amazement of the inhabitants. They stared at the newcomers. Then one of them recognized Ciela. You are the Goddess of the Sky! Then a thunderous roar of anger erupted from the crowd. There was shouting and swearing. This isnt going to work. whispered Ciela. Terdon threw out his arm and a lighteningbolt shot from his fingertips into the air silencing the village people. That is enough! he bellowed. My wife has something to say and you will listen to her.
I am sorry, Ciela apologized. I am sorry for the destruction of your crops and livestock. I have been deeply depressed over the sudden loss of my child. That is why the weather has changed. I wasnt thinking of my people and I was selfish. I think we can come to some agreement. If you allow me six moons to mourn the loss of my child then I will promise you six moons of good weather. A man in the back interrupted, Does that mean during your mourning period, the earth will be barren and cold?
Yes. replied the goddess. You could store your food for winter. I am sure my husband can promise good crop during the good weather moons. Terdon nodded his agreement at this. So it was decided, Ciela would get her six moons of mourning and the villagers would get good crops and good weather in return. This was how the seasons came to Avalon.

Avalon Publication(April 2001)

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