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Adon Chac


Adon Chac is a lover of song. Raised as an orphan and brought to this land of by his loving step mother, Sirona. Here Sirona began her studies on the sky and the stars. The reason for her studies have never been told to Adon. When Adon has asked her she has only hinted, "One day an Icaris will soar above this land and will be a threat. When that day comes, my loving son, you will know what I have been preparing for all these years.".
Adon is a bard in his own heart. "Songs..", he says with a wispful calm,"carry me through the rains as the clouds discover my shadow. Songs guide me to fly with the birds when I am grounded below my own wings of solace. Songs are the winds that waft softly against my soul while I venture through gardens in the spring. Songs are the desires that I rain when I admire my secret love from afar. One day I will let it be known to her, my love for her, till then may she hear my songs as they drift upon the wings of the wind and trickle upon the trees from the rain."
Adon is a young bard in his teens. His hair is brown and his eyes are a deep blue. Adon is well built from his love for swimming and tan from his love for the outdoors. He wears fine silk shirts that his mother brings from exotic lands and trousers sewn from soft cotton. His shoes are of soft leather with a hard leather sole for comfort

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