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Altheia Summers

O.K. Altheia. Lets try this again. Take your
quarterstaff and stick it into the ground like you
are going to jump over something then swing your
feet over and hit the wooden dummy.
O.K. I will try. She dug her quarterstaff into
they ground and took hold of the edge of her stick.
She had gone about halfway around when she feel on
her butt. She picked herself up and dusted herself
Try it again Altheia.
She cant do it. She is too uncoordinated and a
Shut up Derek!
Any time.
The instructor faced Derek with such fury you could
feel the sparks. Derek, get out of here!
OK, OK, I am going.
Now, Altheia try it again.
Yes, Mistress Xenanna. The magess in training
tried it again. As part of her training she had to
take up swordplay. Mistress Xenanna was the best
instructor in the department. She tried again and
failed. Over and over again, she tried and on her
last try she got all the way around and slaughtered
the dummy. Very good. Now I expect you to practice
that skill. Lets take a break from that and work
on your swordplay. She handed Allie a wooden sword
and took one for herself. The first thing you need
to learn is that sword is not a staff. You will
need to learn how to hold it properly and defend
yourself. As she spoke, her instructor raised her
wooden sword and aimed a couple of blows towards
her student. Allie parried as fast as she could.
Pay attention and anticipate each blow. Do NOT
leave yourself open for attack. replied the
instructor. She paid attention and got better with
her parries and even got in a few small blows.
O.K. hold up. That was very good. Practice on that
too and I will see you next time. Class dismissed,
Thank you Mistress Xenanna. she said out of
She walked out of the ring. Hey there beautiful.
She turned to see a brown haired, brown eyed,
golden skinned guy standing there. Tristan! What
are you doing here.
I got out of class early and thought I walk you to
How nice of you. I accept. He took her arm and
they set off towards the cafeteria. They hadnt
gotten very far when Allie heard her name called.
She turned around to see Derek running up to her.
Allie, stop!
What do you want?
I want to apologize. Meet me after classes today,
Great! Derek smiled. I will meet you at the
I cant believe what I just heard Allie. How can
you think of meeting him and after he has been so
nasty to you.
You heard him Tristan. He wants to apologize.
Just be careful Allie. I dont trust him.
I promise, I will be careful.
After classes that day, Allie met Derek at the
fountain. I was afraid you wouldnt show up, he
I am here.
Great, lets go.
Yeah, I thought we could go to my room.
Your room?
Yeah, I wont bite. Come on. He took her by the
arm and dragged her to the bard dorms. They reached
his room in about five minutes. He opened the door
and invited her in. Sit on the couch. Would you
like some wine? She sat down on the couch. Wine?
Where did you get that?
I went into the city during my free time today.
He handed her a glass and sat down next to her with
a glass of his own. She took a sip. Well? He
cleared his throat. Allie, I apologize. Can we be
Well..... Before she could answer, he kissed her;
a long, hard, passionate kiss. What did you do
THAT for? she yelled.
Oh come on. You enjoyed it. He went to kiss her
again. She punched him. Dont touch me! He came
at her again. She went to punch him again but he
caught her wrist and pushed her onto the bed. Let
go of me!
Not til I am done with you first.
-Diamond! Help me!- Diamond reared up and jumped
over his stall. -I am coming Allie!- Diamond raced
off towards the bard dorms. Tristan saw him and
followed to the dorms.
Get your hands off me! She kicked him below the
belt which threw him back a foot. Allie tried to
get up but pinned her back on the bed. That will
cost you Allie, he spat. He tore her tunic off to
reveal her corset underneath. She squirmed to get
away but she was pinned to the bed. He undid her
corset and felt her smooth breasts. She cringed
under his touch. You are so soft Allie. He sucked
on his nipples. He moaned.
-On my way dear. I am at the door.- Diamond and
Tristan reached the door at the same time. This
way! shouted Tristan. They reached the room but
the door was locked.
The young man tried to open it by hitting it with
his shoulder. This only caused him a great deal of
pain. Owwwwww! Diamond reared up his back hind
legs and banged on the door. I see your friends
have arrived. No matter. I will be done soon.
Derek undid his pants.
Now naked, from the waist down, he hovered over
her. He pulled down her pants and began to pump
her. Oh, Allie, Allie you feel so good. She
screamed from the pain as he pumped harder and
harder into her. He took both breasts into his
hands and sucked. Her touch only made him more
horny and he pumped harder. Oh Allie I am close.
ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! At last the climax came as he
emptied his juices into her. He toppled on top of
her, totally exhausted. Oh Allie you are
Tristan heard his friend scream and really
banged the door down, helping Diamond kick it down.
Finally, the door yielded under the pressure and
flew open. Tristan and Diamond rushed in the room
to see Derek on top of Allie. You get off her! he
shouted. Tristan picked Derek up. He shook the guy
and punched him in the nose. You keep your dirty
hands off her! He dropped Derek to the floor.
Diamond snarled at him.
Are you all right Allie? he asked her. She
nodded. He took a blanket and covered her. I will
let you get dressed. He turned around and she put
her torn tunic back on. I think we should go to
the headmaster and report that scum. he pointed to
Derek lying on the floor. You are right Tristan.
Lets go. They hopped on Diamonds back and set
off for the headmasters office.
When they arrived at the headmasters office.
It was locked. He probably went home. mused
Does he live near the school? asked her male
Yes, I think so but we shouldnt bother him at
Hun, you just been raped. This is important.
-He is right you know.-
-I know Diamond.-
Come on. He grabbed her hand and led her to the
headmasters house. In a few minutes, they knocked
on the headmasters door. They heard muffled sounds
of footsteps as the headmaster went to open the
door. He was a bit surprised to find the redheaded
mage and her friends at his door. Then he saw her
appearance and gasped. Altheia? What happened to
Forgive us for disturbing you headmaster. May we
come in? asked the young man.
Certainly, of course. He moved to the side to let
them pass. Lets sit in the living room. He led
them to the living room. The room looked inviting.
The furniture was worn but looked well kept. An old
couch sat in one corner. Some reclining chairs sat
across from the couch. The walls were lined with
bookshelves full of leather bound books. Would you
like to sit down?
Yes, thank you. You have a nice house Headmaster
Mikeal. She and Tristan sat on the sofa together.
Diamond laid down at the side of the couch near his
mistress. The schoolmaster looked at the students,
his eyes on the girl taking in her appearance at a
closer look. Well, you havent come to talk about
my house. he said smiling. I dont get many
students knocking on my door.
No sir. I been raped sir. I am sorry to bother you
about this. explained the redhead.
Raped? the older man whispered. He went weak and
limply sat into a recliner. Raped? Who raped you?
Derek Woodtree.
Perhaps, you should tell me what happened. The
girl told him what happened to her; every last
dirty little detail. When she had finished, the
schoolmaster looked like he aged ten years. He
sighed deeply. I am sorry headmaster. Maybe I
should not have come. she rose to get up.
No dear. Please sit. You have every right to come
and tell me. I will have to investigate this. I
think the investigation should be hush hush so not
to attract too much attention. I will also excuse
you from classes for a few days so you can take
some time off for yourself. I suggest you take that
time to go to the healer here on campus and get you
checked out. We do have a female healer on campus
if you feel more comfortable seeing her. He wrote
the healers name on a piece of paper. She took the
paper from him. Thank you sir. I will go
I will make sure she goes. spoke Diamond.
You speak?! The golden-skinned man looked
Of course I speak. Doesnt everyone?
We should go. They got up to leave. The
schoolmaster showed them to the door. I will get
in contact with you in a week.
Thank you sir.
In that week, she did what the headmaster did
and went to the healer. The healer confirmed that
she had indeed been raped and put it in her report
to the headmaster. At the end of the week, she was
called to the headmasters office. She knocked on
his door. Come in. She opened the door walked in
and closed it behind her. Ah Allie, please sit
down. She sat in the chair in front of his desk.
I questioned Derek and spoke to his parents. He
denied your story. However, I spoke to Tristan and
Diamond since they were witnesses. Finally, Derek
broke down and told the truth. His parents made a
huge donation to the school to keep the incident
I see.
However, I refused the money. The redheaded mage
looked at him in surprise. You refused the money?
He nodded. It would have been a bribe and it
doesnt compensate for what happened to you or the
reputation of this school. This is what I decided.
Derek is suspended for two weeks. In those two
weeks, he will go through basic training in the
guard. When he gets back, he will be on probation
for an undetermined amount of time. If he should
ever wrongfully touch another student, he is
expelled. He and his parents already know this.
Sound fair?
That sounds fair sir. Thank you for all your
I know this doesnt make us for the pain you
suffered. If there is anything I can do for you in
the future, please let me know.
Thank you sir. I appreciate that.
Good luck Allie. The redheaded mage left the
office. For the first time since her attack, she
broke down and cried.


Avalon Publication(August 2001)

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