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Atropa Belladonna


Character's Name: Atropa Belladonna (no last name)

Age: 20 years (but looks about 13 to 15 years)

Race: M'talya-Slazcia hybrid

Description of Races : The M'talya are Seterip rumored to have descended
from two of the the Great Ancestral Houses who traveled from their native
home to settle in wild forests and hills of a distant land. They have
average Seterip features, ranging in height from 7-10 feet with long, pointed
ears. M'talya usually have all-white or all-black eyes, and a have a wide
variety of hair colors. Their skin is either sky blue or dusky grey-violet.
Clothing differs depending on environment, personal tastes and class.

The Slazcia were once part of a race of sea serpents who live in underwater
caverns. They inhabited a group of tropical islands and bred with wild
Seterip natives. As a result their form is basically Seteripoid, but their
features are serpentine. Size, color, and scale-type vary depending on clan.
They all have elliptical grey eyes with vertical black slits. Slazcia
usually wear little or no clothing. theough many decorate themselves with
gems, shells and bones. (Atropa Belladonna was born from a union made as an
alliance binding the M'talya and Slazcia.)

Description of Character: Standing 6 feet tall, Atropa is short for a
Seterip. Silky black-orchid colored hair frames her smooth ivory face and
falls to her shoulders. Beneath thick, dark lashes Atropa's large round eyes
are the dark gray of storm clouds, whose mysterious depths hold cautious
knowledge as well as youthful innocence and curiousity. Her thin nose slopes
delicately above full, burgundy lips. Slight but sensuous curves accentuate
her slender death-pale body like a young, budding white rose.

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