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Faye Bluewater

Jayne Hawthorne

Jayne pushed open the inn door and scurried inside. Her cloak was
blowing around her and her hair was in her face. It was freezing
cold outside and just beginning to rain. She stamped the mud off her
boots and hurried down the darkened corridor towards the dinning room
where there would be a warm fire. In her hand she carried the letter
she had to deliver to Faye Bluewater. Jayne wanted to deliver it as
soon as she could; a very interesting messenger had given it to
Jayne, and she wanted to know what was in it. As she got closer to
the dining room Jayne began to hear loud voices coming from inside.
Jayne stopped just as she was about to burst into the room, as she
didnt think Sidda and Hart would appreciate her interrupting
whatever argument they were having. Jayne didnt think much of it,
Sidda and Hart were always arguing. She pressed her ear up against
the wooden door so that she could hear what they were saying.
Just give it to me! It wasnt Sidda or Hart, it was someone elses
voice. Jayne wasnt sure who, maybe one of the other people staying
at the inn, although the Elderflower Players, the acting company
Jayne was with had taken up most of the rooms. Jayne didnt
recognise the voice.
I dont want any part of this Faye, just leave me alone. That was
Cedrik! And he was obviously talking to Faye Bluewater. Jayne
listened closer.
Listen, you dont understand what it is youve got there. You have
Faye, I understand perfectly what it is I have here and I wish youd
shut up and go away.
Jayne stifled a laugh. She wondered what it was they were arguing
You dont know what its like, theyre always after me. Fayes
voice sounded strange all of a sudden, she sounded scared. Jayne
suddenly realised she was standing outside a room eavesdropping on
someone elses conversation. She crept back down the corridor and
then stomped loudly towards the door again, complaining about the
cold. The voices stopped. Jayne opened the door and walked into the
dining room. Faye was sitting on the sofa twisting her long blond
hair around her fingers. Cedrik was standing up by the fire looking
distinctly annoyed.
Everything all right? Jayne said loudly, trying to act as if she
hadnt just been listening in on them.
Fine. Replied Cedrik, glaring at Faye, Everythings fine. Faye
said nothing.
Goodo! Exclaimed Jayne, and them felt rather stupid. Erm, oh
Faye! I have a letter for you. She pulled the envelope from under
her cloak. It was a really strange little person who delivered it
to me, I wasnt sure she broke off as Faye grabbed the letter,
jumped up and threw it on the fire without so much as opening it.
You see! She hissed at Cedrik. They always know where I am!
Always! Theyll never leave me alone until I die! She swung
around and ran out of the room. Jayne was shocked, she had never
seen Faye so upset before. Faye wasnt one of Jaynes favourite
people, her hair was too perfect for that, but even so it still
disturbed her to think that someone was stalking Faye. She thought
of the person who had delivered the letter, they hadnt seemed normal
at all. There was something very strange going on. Jayne turned to
Cedrik. He must know what was going on. Faye had been asking him to
give her something, but Jayne had no idea what it could be.
What was that about Cedrik? She asked.
No idea replied Cedrik, not very convincingly, and shuffled out of
the room staring at the floor. A second later his head appeared
round the doorframe again.
Oh by the way Jayne, I finished the script! We can start work on it
tomorrow. Jayne was pleased, it was about time the script was
finished. They had been waiting over a month.

Later on Jayne was in the kitchen with Hart, discussing costumes. One
of Jaynes jobs was to make all the costumes and props the company
needed. Suddenly Sidda burst into the room, waving her arms in the
air in her usual dramatic manner.
Oh Hart, Jayne! What a catastrophe has arisen! Faye and Cedrik
have had some kind of dreadful argument, and now Faye refuses to
perform his play! Oh what are we going to do? She flung herself
down on the table and sobbed into her arms.
What? Hart looked distressed. We cant have this. What on
earths gotten into the girl? Have you tried reasoning with her
Oh yes yes, for hours and hours I was begging her!
Oooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!! She began wailing loudly.
And she wouldnt tell me what the problem was either, I just dont
Hart shook his head.
Do you know whats going on Jayne? He asked..
I knew they had fallen out, but I dont know what over. I suppose I
could try and find out for you if you like.
Oh yes darling that would be perfect! Cried Sidda, and threw her
arms around Jayne.
Thank you Jayne added Hart. Now Im going to bed. I suggest you
two do the same.

The next morning Jayne got up early. She had decided she was going
to follow Faye everywhere she went today, and see what she could find
out. Jayne was quite looking forward to playing the spy, although
she felt terribly guilty about it. She hid in the kitchen until she
heard Faye leave the inn to go to the market. Jayne crept after
her. It seemed a lot further than usual to the docks where the
market was, especially since she had to keep dodging in and out of
doorways. Finally Jayne saw Faye stop and go into a shop. Jayne
peered through the darkened window. Inside Faye was talking to
someone, it was Cedrik! Perhaps Jayne would really be able to find
out what the argument was about. The shop had a side door which
opened into the back of the shop. Jayne slid round and pushed open
the door, being as quiet as she could. From there she could hear and
see Faye and Cedrik, as they stood in a corner.
What are you doing here? That was Cedrik.
Look. You honestly dont understand how serious this is. That was
Will you stop telling me I dont understand. If you told me why you
want the key so much I might understand a lot more.
I cant tell you that Faye was fuming. I just need it.
If you think Im going to let you lock those poor creatures away in
their horrid little world then youre wrong. Im not that evil,
although you obviously are.
Its not evil! Theyre evil! Theyre after me.
Yes but why?
I cant tell you!
Fine! Cedrik turned away. Faye grabbed his arm to stop him
All right. Ill tell you. Jayne was very glad, because she had no
idea what was going on. Faye took a deep breath and started wringing
her hands.
They come from another world.
Yes I know that. Replied Cedrik. Jaynes head was spinning.
Another world?
And theyre following me everywhere. I need to lock the door to
their world so that they wont get me. And youre the only one with
the key. Jayne thought she was going to faint. Was everyone mad?
I know all that! Explain why theyre after you! Thats what I want
to know.
Faye moaned and shook her head. She looked rather frightening.
Suddenly she grabbed Cedrik but the arm.
Hey get off me! he yelled. Faye pulled a knife out form her belt.
Jayne screamed, as did the woman behind the counter who had been
ignoring the two people hidden in the corner. Cedrik jumped out of
the way, and ran out of the shop, a terrified look on his face. Faye
rushed after him, closely followed by Jayne. Cedrik was heading for
the docks, leaping over walls and gates, and Jayne found it hard to
keep up with them. Faye was surprisingly light on her feet. They
reached the docks and Cedrik ran right to the end of the wooden
pier. For a moment Jayne thought he was going to jump off and she
cried out, but he stopped a few feet away from the edge. Jayne had
blown her cover though, and now both Cedrik and Faye, who was also
standing still had noticed her.
Whats she doing here? Shouted Faye, who was looking wild. Her
usually immaculate hair had fallen down from its clip and her dress
was torn and dirty from running. Her eyes were bright and she looked
furious. She was still gripping the knife in her hand.
Whats going on? Jayne yelled at the two of them. No one took any
notice however, and Faye rushed forward, pointing the knife at
Cedriks throat. But Cedrik pulled something out from beneath his
cloak and held it out over the edge of the pier. It was a tiny
silver key, no bigger than a coin. Faye let out a wail.
Its wrong Faye! Shouted Cedrik. You cant lock up anyone, not
even creatures from another world. There was that other world thing
I dont know what it was you did, but I wouldnt be surprised if it
was something really bad. You were going to murder me! You still
No! I wouldnt! I just needed tooh well all right I was but I
need that key! You dont understand! Faye was wailing loudly.
Too bad you never explained Faye, or I might not have done this.
Cedrik dropped the key into the sea. It disappeared with hardly a
splash. Faye let out a scream so loud Jayne thought her eardrums
were going to burst. Faye ran to the edge, pulling at her hair in
anger. Without even hesitating she threw herself over the edge of
the pier, and crashed down into the water.
Faye! Shouted Jayne. She ran over to Cedrik who was looking
Oh Gods what has she done? Where is she? Cedrik pointed. Almost
50 meters away was Faye, swimming at an incredibly fast pace away
from the pier.
What on earth? Gasped Jayne. It had taken Faye about 10 seconds
to swim that far. Who was she? What was she?
Cedrik was sitting on the edge of the pier watching Fayes retreating
form. Jayne slid down to the floor next to him.
Cedrik, whats going on?
Cedrik sighed. I dont know really. I just know shes not human.
I doubt well ever see her again.
Oh. Jayne tried not to sound too bothered. Cedrik certainly
Well, she did try to kill me.
Yes there is that.
Cedrik stood up.
Shall we go home then?
What will we tell them?
The truth I suppose. Should make an interesting story. Jayne
laughed. She was surprised to find that she wasnt missing Faye all
that much. After all, her hair had always been that little bit too

Avalon Publication (Feburary 2001)