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A New Beginning

Constance De'Beir

A New Beginning

The mad sorcerer scratched some notes on a pad of paper. For months all he thought about was creating his own race of people. It was if something was driving him to insanity. Every day he sat and calculated figures. The question was : Who was he going to get for his subjects? There was a recluded elven settlement not far from here. Perfect for privacy. I can take them out into a distant valley where no one will find them. A diabolical plan was formed.

The sorcerer disguised himself as an old man and headed for the village. When he arrived, he went straight to the inn and took a seat at the nearest table where some people were talking. The bartender noticed the stranger walk in and sauntered up next to the stranger. "What is your poison?" The stranger turned his head. Nothing for me, young man but I am in need of some information. I am looking for some people who would be interested in increasing their status. The bartender raised an eyebrow. Status? What do you mean?"
"Gold, boy. There is gold in the Blue Mountain valley. I know. I have seen it.The barman scratched his chin. "Gold eh? I might know of a few people." The old man grinned. "Good. I will be back in the morning to lead the party myself.?" The stranger quickly left as fast as he arrived.

Eric Spearwood listened intently to the conversation between the stranger and the bartender. Gold in the Blue Mountain valley he? Sounds interesting. I am always looking for a way to rise in status. Eric Spearwood was freelance mercenary. Since he was between jobs, this was the perfect opportunity for him to pass the time. He wasn't the only one listening to the conversation.

Alan Redwood was a simple, poor farmer. Crop was not going well this year. The village was experiencing a bit of a drought. It was getting harder and harder to make ends meet and feed his family. Now his wife expected another one on the way. The money could come in handy.

Not far from Alan, sat Lord Michele De'Beir. The young lord always liked any idea in which he could get even more rich than he already was. I can never have too many riches. After all, there should be someone of proper breeding going along. Lord De'Beir had the makings of a good ruler, he was just cared more about riches than anything else.
The next morning, Talis returned to the village. He was amazed at the turnout. It looked like four hundred people had shown up. Word had spread like wildfire as soon at the mention of gold. People from villages came from miles to improve their status. Some didn't know how long they would be gone so they had packed up some belongings. The madman was thrilled that he had some many specimens for his experiment. They set off at once.
The party went passed over their own mountains, into the next valley. The caravan had slowed them up a bit. The sorcerer had not planned on the hillbillies bringing all of their gear with them. The trip took an extra week to reach the destination. Along the way, the weather had changed from the cool days of autumn to the bitter, cold days of winter. The traveling party was not ready for it and a third of the party died of sickness and disease. Still the rest of the people pressed on.
Finally, they reached Blue Mountain Valley. The people were, tired, weary, and hungry. The mad sorcerer pulled a packet out of his pocket and mixed the contents in a canter. "Friends, you are weary from your long journey. Please accept this refreshment as a token of my friendship. He poured the pink, bubbly, liquid into waterskins and passed them out. The travelers drank deeply not knowing the drink was laced with secret formula to create his own race of people. Then someone screamed an ear-piercing scream. One of the women bent over her husband's body. He laid dead on the snow. Soon, more people dropped dead. Some had severe seizures and headaches. Then they too, fell down dead on the snow. For the sorcerer, the nightmare only begun. The elves physical appearance started to change. Their eyes began to change shape. They grew taller and leaner. Their skin went from a milky, white to a deep, gold color. Even the people who laid on the ground dead began to change. Something inside of them was happening, and they didn't know what it was.
Hours later, only one hundred men, women, and children survived Talis?eranged experiments. Talis disappeared without a trace. Perhaps he disappeared during all the commotion. It is hard to say. In the distance Coroban stood with a satisfied smile on his face, then like Talis, disappeared without a trace.
Confused and with no place to go, the new race called themselves Nino Oro. They decided to call the new land Avalon and made their home in Blue Mountain Valley. They established businesses, built houses, and a school for the children. They established their own government and elected a magistrate. Then the people needed someone to rule their new land, they were abandoned in so the Nino Oro made Michel De'Beir the first king of Avalon.

Avalon Publication July 2000

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