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Altheia Summers

Altheia Summers

Altheia Summers picked flowers and put them in her

basket. The valley is covered in flowers. Every kind of

flower you could possibly think of. "Why red roses?" wond-

ered Altheia. "Of all the flowers in the valley, why red?"

Now Altheia liked red roses. They were her favorite

flowers. She just wanted to know why her mother wanted a

whole basket full of them. Altheia glanced at the blue

mountains. How beautiful and majestic they looked. This

must have been how they looked three centuries ago when

her people settled here. They fled to get away from the

human populated world. Many centuries before, this valley

was populated by elves. One day a mage by the name of

Talis came to the valley. He wanted to create a new

race of elves. Talis selected 200 males and females

for his experiment. However, something went terribly

wrong. The elves' DNA changed causing a mutation.

Their eyes became more humanlike and iron was no longer

a problem for them. A Nino Oro has the golden skin. Gold

like the color of coins. He or she can have any eye color or

hair color. The person has pointy ears like elves and human

eyes. Altheia, for example, has long, red hair and blue

eyes. She is 5 ft, 6 in. tall. She has a lean, muscular body.

She wears a forest green halter top and matching

breeches. The Nino Oros settled down into their own

village after Talis disappeared. In this time, there

were two important gods to the Ninos Oros. Lyndra is the

goddess of Nature. Coroban is the god of

Mischief. The elves divided sides. Some followed

Lyndra and her ways. Most of the village followed Coroban

and his ways. A light wind blew a few red strains into

Altheia's eyes. Altheia removed the strains and put them

back into place. "Well, this should be enough roses."

Altheia thought. She started for home.

Back in the village, Altheia's parents were setting up

for her surprise birthday party. The small cottage was de-

corated in red streamers and roses. On the table a rose

centerpiece was placed in the middle. Four places were

set. "I hope the errand I gave Altheia to do gives us enough

time." Mara said as she stirred the stew in the big, iron pot.

"I am sure Altheia will be picking red roses for hours."

Jorivc smiled. "You know they are her favorite flowers."

Mara looked out the window to see Altheia walking towards

the house. "She's here! Hurry up Jory! Put the stew on the

table while I get the cake." The cake is chocolate with pink

frosting and red roses. Placed in the center of the cake

were the numbers 1.5.0 and "happy Birthday". "Places!"

shouted Mara.

"I am ready, Miss Mara." replied Rory. Rory is a human Mara

saved from drowning. She jumped in to save him while he

tried to cross the stream near the village. Mara brought

Rory back to the village to recuperate. She had to hide him

because the other villagers hate humans. "Here she comes!" shouted Mara.

Altheia open the door. Surprise!"

"Oh you guys. Thank you." Altheia hugged her parents.

"Thank you so much."

"Come and sit. We have a nice dinner set up and cake."

Jorvic led his daughter to the table and pulled out the chair

for her to sit. Jorvic placed a large object wrapped in red

rose paper in front of her. "For you love. Open it." Altheia

unwrapped the package carefully. "Oh thank you!" she cried.

"A new staff of your own. To replace the old one."

"I love it. Thank you." The staff was made of sturdy oak.

Two pieces of cloth were tied to the ends for easy handling.

The staff stood a few inches taller than Altheia did.

"Next my gift." Mara did some movements with her hand

and a book appeared. "This is for you."

"Momma, I don't have any mage skills." She looked at the

book. It was made of leather with gold embroidery.

"Not yet but one day you will. Then you will know how to

use it."

There was a loud rap at the door. "Open up. Tis is the

constable. We know you are in there. If you don't open up,

we will break the door down."

Jorvic opened the door. "May I help you constable?" The

constable burst through the door. "I have a warrant to

search your house. I have reaspn to believe you are har-

bouring a human. "

"As you wish, constable. Search anywhere you like." Mara

snuck Rory into the cellar while Jorvic talked to the con-

stable. "Look as much as you like." Mara moved up to stand

next to Jorvic.

"Search everywhere!" shouted the constable as he over-

turned the table and chairs. His men searched cupboards,

cabinets, under beds , and in every room. They came up

empty-handed. "Sorry for the disturbance. I will be keeping

mye eye on you." The constable left.

"Is it safe to come out now?" asked Rory.

"Yes. It is all clear." declared Mara. The cellar door opened

and Rory's head appeared. Then the rest of him followed.

"That was close." Mara sighed.

"We can't keep hiding him forever, love." Jorivc replied.

"I know dear."

"Will they be back?" asked Mara.

"I hope not honey."

"AH HA! You ARE harbouring a human. I caught you red-

handed. You have broken the law. In the morning, you will

die." The constable left for a second time.

Later that night, the village slept. Two of the constable's men stood outisde Altheia's house, in the shadows.

Soon the walls were ablaze with fire. The fire soon spread

to the roof. The whole building was ablaze in light. Altheia

awoke suddenly. Flames danced around her. Altheia ran

from her room to her parents' room. "Mommy! Daddy! Wake

up!" Altheia shook her parents awke. Her parents didn't

even mccording to one's own destiny. What is my

destiny to be?" She walked away towards the valley and

never looked back. When the constable arrived to collect

his prisoners, all that remained was the burnt down house.

No one was to be found. "It looks like they escaped. Shall

we go after them?" asked the guard.

"No. They are out of our hair. I could care less what happens

to them or the girl. The girl is someone else's problem


Avalon Publication July 2000

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