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Sun and Moon-Night and Day


Devon, god of the sun, flew across the sky as he did every morning. Today something special was about to happen. He just had that type of feeling. He happened to look down and saw the most beautiful woman he ever seen sitting by the river. Now Devon has seen plenty of pretty girls but this one in particular had captured his heart. He had to go down and talk to her. He turned off his glow and made his descent to the ground. At a closer look, he noticed the girls features. She had long, black hair that flowed down to her waist. She had an olive complexion with the bluest eyes. Looking into her eyes was like looking into the deepest depths of the ocean. Her dress had a silver moonlike effect. The most important aspect about the girl was the picnic lunch she had. Devon, now realized how hungry he was, had reached the ground and tried to get her attention.
The young girl Devon had mentioned, was at that moment taking covered dishes out of a wicker basket. She concentrated so intently on her task she didnt hear the man or the sound of clearing his throat. The man cleared his voice louder startling her. Oh! Where did you come from? Devon bowed to the girl. I didnt mean to frighten you. I was just passing by and I saw you and your basket. I thought how beautiful you are and hopefully you might take pity on this lonely wanderer in offering some of your picnic. The black haired girl looked upon him with suspicion. I dont know if I should. I dont know you.
Then let us get to know each other over lunch. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Devon. She took the girls hand in his and kissed it. May I have the pleasure of your name?
My name is Celeste.
Celeste, What a lovely name for a lovely lady. What did you bring for lunch on this lovely day. Celeste unwrapped the dishes to reveal cheese, fruit, ham, and bread.
Ah, a feast worthy of the gods. Celeste laughed at this outburst. I hardly consider it a feast much less for gods, but you may have as much as you wish.
I thank you kindly. He helped himself to some of the cheese and fruit. Tell me, do you usually bring this much food for just you?
I go on picnics by myself on occasion. I just like to sit out here by the river alone.
It is so quiet and peaceful. So where did you say you were from? Devon swallowed his bite of cheese and spoke, Oh I live nearby, not too far away.
Celeste looked up at the sky. Oh look at the time. I must get home. It was lovely to meet you Devon. The god of the sun had helped the young maiden clear away the dishes and put them in the basket. May I walk you home?
oh that is not necessary. I know my way back.
Then perhaps I can see you tomorrow? Celeste blinked. Tomorrow? Um..sure.
Great! Tomorrow it is. He watched the girl walk back to the village up ahead.
You know it is impossible. came a voice from behind him. Devon swung around to see Crorban, god of mischief, leaning against a tree.
How long have you been listening there? The dark gods mouth broke out into a grim. Long enough to know mortals and gods dont mix and you know it is forbidden for them to fall in love. This might be just the thing to get back in with the gods. Before Devon can get his hands on the conniving god, Coroban disappeared.
The next day, the sun god strolled along the rows of houses looking for Celestes. It was quite a nice, quaint village with shops and houses. Trees lined the border of the area. The houses were made of wood but painted in so many different colors. Of course, he has seen many villages but he never really stopped to take a look at them. -Note to self: Stop more often to look at villages.- He soon found Celestes house and knocked on the door. In a few moments, the door opened to reveal the beautiful maiden from the day before. She looked bewildered, What are you doing here??
You said yesterday I may see you today. he smiled.
How did you know where I lived?
That was easy. I asked around. Shall we go?
Go? Go where? The lovestruck god took a picnic basket from behind his back.
On our picnic, of course. The young maiden smiled. He took her hand and his and were off into the woods.
They came to a little clearing in the forest with a small stream running through it. In the center, sat two some stones for chairs and some stone slabs in the middle for a table. Flowers bloomed everywhere. Celeste exclaimed, How beautiful! What is this place called? The young god smiled, gods palace, Shall we have lunch? He set out fruits, cheese, bread, and mutton. A feast worthy of the gods, as you said yesterday. Oh, and for desert, a cherry pie. Celeste looked bewildered at all the food. You are full of surprises arent you. Where did you find time to make all this? He smiled again, I have my ways. Now, please eat. For the rest of the afternoon, they talked and laughed, enjoying each others company. A strong bond could be felt between the two people. He took her hand in his and leaned over to kiss her. I hope that was OK. Celeste smiled. May I ask you a question?
Anything, my dear.
Were you teased as a child because you were named after the sun god? He blushed and grinned sheepishly. Unknown to the young people, the dark god stood watching and waiting. Waiting for the moment to take his revenge.
Seasons changed and time passed. Moon after moon, the couple grew to love each other more than the day before. Once more, Devon and Celeste sat in gods palace.
Celeste, I was wondering.......that is......errrr.
What is it Devon? Celeste looked expectantly into his face.
Well, would you marry me? the words came rushing out before he could think on them. Celeste sat speechless but before she could reply Devon spoke, Before you answer, I must tell you something. Devon turned on his radiant glow. I am the sun god, Devon and I fell madly in love with you from the first time I saw you but I couldnt tell you who I was...... Then everything suddenly became clear for Celeste. You ARE the sun god.
Yes, he replied. I want to make you my moon goddess, my queen. We can be happy together. He held out a goblet of wine. Drink and you will become immortal and we can be together, forever. Celeste took the goblet from him and drank. She felt a strange sensation come over here and she started to glow. Devon smiled, My bride!
Not so fast. came a voice from behind them.
Coroban, You are too late. She already drank it.
This is true. What is done can not be undone. came a second voice.
Mother, you know gods cant fall in love with mortals. You decreed it yourself.
She is no longer mortal, Coroban. She drank the wine of the gods.
She may be immortal, but she is NOT a god. With those words said, the dark god grabbed Celeste I will take her where light does not shine. With a flash of light, they were gone.
Devon searched high and low for his bride but could not find her. He became depressed and lonely; a shadow of the once great god. Finally, Ciela had to intervene for the good of everyone. They met in her chambers. OK this is what is going to happen and all decisions are final. Celeste is now an immortal. From this day forward, she is the goddess of the moon. She will come out at night and Devon will come out during the day.
May I have a few minutes alone with my wife?
As you wish. Ciela, with Coroban in tow, left the couple alone to say goodbye.
I wont be so bad. replied Celeste. We can see each other in passing.
In passing is not the same as being together. Celeste thought for a moment then she had a brilliant idea. I know, I can live with you in your palace in the sky. That way I can greet you before I come out at night. Devons face brightened up and glowed. That is a wonderful idea. That is how day and night came about. Every morning the sun god would kiss his wife before he set out and she would be there when he returned. Then she would set out on her nightly walk across the land and he would welcome her home at dawn.

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