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The War


Lyndra, Goddess of Nature, wandered among her domain doing her daily rounds and
making sure everything bloomed. Being a goddess of Nature is a big responsibility. She
made sure all the flowers bloomed on time and the leaves changed colors. She was there
for all the births and deaths of the forest creatures.
On this particuliar day, Lyndra helped to make a flower grow and watched a baby fawn
being born. Sudden;y, she heard footsteps behind her and turned around.
A man with long black hair and green eyes with bronze skin stood there. What do you
want Coroban. The god stepped out of the shadows. I have a proposition for you.
What kind of proposition?
I propose a contest of skill. Battle it out just you and me, sister.
For what reason?
Because I am tired of losing to you. This time I will come out the winner.
Who says you are going to win?
Coroban growled. Do we have a deal or not?
O.K. I agree but there are rules.
Rules? Why?
So you dont cheat, little brother.
Me? Cheat?
I promise, no cheating. A golden halo appeared over his head.
How cute but where are you horns and tail?
Coroban growled again.Do you want to do this or not?
Yes but not here. Lets go someplace neutral.
They both disappeared in a flash of gold and white light. They reappeared in a
place that was all white. Just a white room with white walls, ceiling and floor.
What is this place? asked Coroban.
Limbo. Now, to the rules. First of all,no cheating. No disappearing and no going
Sis, it isnt that kind of contest. We fight cartoon style.
Been to the future again, have you?
You know about the future?
Yes, I have been there many times and I know what a cartoon is.
Great! Lets get started. Coroban handed Lyndra a box. She opened it and it exploded.
Coroban laughed.
Har har. Here I have something for you. She handed him a cake with dynamite for
candles. Here, blow out your candles.
Why thank you sis. She blew out the candles and it blew up in his face with a
*KABLAM*. Lyndra laughed at his face which turned all black from the dynamite. That
wasnt funny.
Yes it was.
In that case, I wouldnt look up. The goddess looked up. Hovering above her stood a
10,000 ton anvil. It picked that moment to drop. Lyndra moved out of the way. That was
not nice. Lyndra snapped her fingers and a piano came down on Coroban. Try that on
for size. Coroban stood up but looked acordianlike. That was a low blow. OK, that is it.
OK. Lyndra snapped her fingers and an easel, paper and paints appeared. What do you
want me to draw?
The dark god growled. That is not what I mean. Now draw. He pulled out a water gun.
Its goddess season. Lyndra took out her own water gun. Its god season.
Goddess season!
God season.
Goddess season.
You are right,it is goddess season.
Dont argue with me Lyndra. Its god season.
As you wish. The brown-haired goddess took her water gun and shot water a Coroban.
He got so drenched her looked like a drowned rat. You tricked me.
I know. It was easy to do. I learned from the best.
This isnt over Lyndra.
It never is Coroban. By the way, look out from above.
He looked and an airplane dropped on his head.
Ouch, that had to hurt. She waited for him to come back. Several minutes passed still no
Coroban. The suddenly, he appeared. There you are little brother. I thought you were
No, but it is amazing what you can live through.
Well what do we do now?
Call it quits.
Does that mean i won?
Yes, yes. You won. Does that make you happy?
Actually it does. See you later little brother.
With a flash of white light, Lyndra disappeared.
I will get you back Lyndra. I will get you back.


Avalon Publication(August 2001)

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