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Rain Seduction-Two Shells

Adon Chac

A bleach white seagull flys over the sandy beach. The late morning sun prepares for the approaching mark of noon on this early day of spring. The waters of the ocean are calm aside from some white caps breaking up against some rocks down shore at the brink of a cove. Some clothes
>are hanging from a bush beneath a shady tree of the treeline close by.
> A young man emerges from the ocean's waters and wades his way towards shore. He has some shells within a small net in his hand. Once on shore he drops to his knees and unties the string holding the net closed and dumps the shells out onto the ground. One large yellow shell he picks up
>and puts it to his ear. He smiles, obviously pleased with what he has heard from the shell. To his side he sets this shell near his leg and then begins rummaging through the shells some more. Another he picks up and puts to his
>ear, a moment later he drops the shell back in with the others only to pick up another shell. With this one He looks inside the pink, pearly interior and pulls out some sea foliage that had found its way inside as he picked this
>shell from some sea plants. To his ear he puts this shiny golden shell and listens intently. He arises with this shell and the one he had put to his leg, putting them back into the net. He walks quickly to the bush and puts
>his clothes back onto his wet body then hurrys off through the trails beyond the treeline.
> A woman works in a garden out in front of a cottage in the forest. Her strong steady hands pick green beans from healthy vines and puts them into a weaved basket. A cat plays with a bird that he just caught, tossing it
>in the air and tearing at its feathers and skin. A mule drinks from a pond where a goose swims.
> The woman looks up as she hears Adon open and shut the gate to their picket fence around the garden and yard. "Mother! Mother, please come inside with
>me, I have something to show you.", Adon tells his step mother as he runs up the porch steps. Vanishing through the open door of the small cottage he exclaims, "Hurry!". Sirona gathers the last few greenbeans she can reach
>from where she is and then goes inside.
> A breeze flourishes through this small cottage with its windows and door open. This small cottage has but a few rooms (quite large for some cottages this day and age). Curtains hang from the doorways and seperate the
>ajoining rooms. A table rests in the center of this spacious living space. The kitchen is seperated from the main living room with a waiste high counter. A large
>bowl filled with water rests on the far counter on the wall beneath some cabinets. The cabinet doors, well constructed, are carved with beautiful knotwork art images bordering the corner edges of the cabinets. Healthy
>Indoor plants fill this cottage and filter the air within this cozy home.
> Adon has laid the two shells on the table and asked his mother, "Mother, will you listen to the golden shell and tell me what you hear?". Sirona looks up after putting the basket of green beans on the edge of the counter and
>sees the shell he has brought in. She walks to the table and picks the shell up, putting it to her ear she listens closely. She looks to Adon as she
>listens and smiles at him when she hears what the shell has to say. "Son, I am impressed at your find here, this shell speaks truth to me. I heard the words of the waterpixie, Truis. She was definately within this shell,
>Adon nods in agreement to his mother and says, "I heard her words but what was more is I heard her speak my name softly as if she knew I was listening.
>Why would she speak to me from a shell's memory and why does she stop after just speaking my name?". Sirona examines the shell as she thinks and replies, "Adon, your answer is to seek Truis out. She calls for you to go to her. Find her and then you will have your answer.". With this said, Sirona lays the shell back on the table and hugs her adoring son. Adon goes outside and sits in a chair on the porch. He looks out at the yard and sees that the cat has made a small feathery mess with his snack. The cat grooms himself nearby the porch steps. Adon falls into thought and the day matures.
> Shortly later Sirona calls for Adon to come eat. He has been day dreaming of his secret love and writing songs in his head of her beauty. He stands up as he blows a kiss towards the trees and goes on inside. He and his mother
>eat and then Adon cleans up. After Adon finishes cleaning up he sits in a chair, listening to the yellow shell he had picked up first on the beach.
>He sighs happily as he sways back and forth to the shells song. Sirona smiles at Adon and asks him, "That shell, it must play a beautiful song for you to be so happy with it?". He answers, "Yes it does, indeed. This shell's song
>speaks of a seagul's flight above the ocean and below him, beneath the waters surface, a mother whale plays happily with her newborn. They are at peace with the love they share and the happiness in their lives.". After this he
>looks to the golden shell and states to his mom, "I will begin my search for Truis tomorrow. I will goto Mordon early and talk with Amair, maybe he can tell me where to look to find Truis.". Sirona walks to Adon and kisses his
>forehead saying, "May you be guided by the hands of Lyndra in your search, my beloved son.". With this she walks to her room to get ready for bed. Shortly later Adon goes on to bed as well.
> The sun peeks over the horizon early the next morning. A turtle walks slowly along the side of the path towards the cottage. Sirona is up and working on her morning duties. Inside the cottage Adon is up and preparing for his trip to Mordon. He has prepared himself a sack of food and some
>waterskins for the long road trip. He will walk for 10 hours before reaching the gates of Mordon. Adon finishes his preperations, kisses Sirona goodbye and begins his trip.

Avalon Publication (Feburary 2001)