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From Two Different Worlds


Alssander, prince of the elves, decided to take a walk in the forest. He often walked in the
forest on the edge of the castle grounds to get away from the everyday pressurres of castle
life. The pressures seemed to have been getting worse of late. More problems with
peasants and fairies. The peasants actually werent as bad as fairies when it came to
trouble. It was just the normal day to day petitions and problems to solve. The fairies on
the other hand, were a different story. They were getting more and more hostile every
century. It all started many centuries ago, under some silly misunderstanding. It was so
long ago no one knows what it was over. For centuries and centuries now, the elves and
fairies have been sworn enemies. It isnt a one sided fight either. The elves have done as
much damage as the fairies. The latest problem was King Raynor of the fairies, wanted to
expand his kingdom into elven lands. In fact, the elven and fairy kingdoms bordered each
other at the forest Alssander walked in. Of course elves would never think of taking over
the fairy lands. There would be too many fairies to get rid of. It would be quite messy.
Alssander believed one day elves and fairies could live in peace and harmony. This feud
has gone on too long.
In his musings, his feet took him to a river that went through the forest. The thirsty
prince stopped to drink. After he had his fill, the young prince looked up and across from
him sat a woman about his age with sun blonde hair and sea blue eyes.
He thought her very beautiful. She hadnt noticed him yet. He decided to go up and
introduce himself. Excuse me miss. The girl looked at him, not at all surprised.
Hello. This was going well. The girl looked at him expectantly.
Well.uh....I think you are beautiful and thought I should tell you.
The girl smiled. Are all elves as awkward as you?
How did you know I was an elf?
The pointy ears do give it away.
You have pointy ears too.
The girl gave him a broad smile. True but I am not an elf. she said almost haughtiedly.
Then what are you? The girl gave another smile and grew smaller til she was nine inches
tall and glowing gold. I am a fairy. She took great enjoyment in his shocked face.
Uh............ This is a problem. The fairy maiden transformed to her bigger size. What is
Well you are a fairy and I am hopelessly in love with you.
That is a problem. she said sympathetically.
How are you able to change sizes and make your wings disappear?
Fairies can be any size they want and if your chosen size is over a foot and a half the
wings disappear.
I see. What is your name, fair maiden?
I am Crystal, princess of all fairies. Alssanders heart sank and his expression changed.
Whats wrong? asked the fairy princess.
Well, the plot thickens as they say. I am Alssander, prince of all elves.
Well, at least we are both royalty. said Crystal trying to find the silver lining in the grey
Do you feel the same way as all fairies do about elves?
No. Do you feel that way about fairies?
No. There was a long silence. May I take you out for the day tomorrow?
That will be very nice.
Meet me here tomorrow?
I will be here.
The next day, Alssander sat at the edge of the river and waited for Crystal to show
up. He didnt have long to wait. Crystal came down the bank blonde hair flowing, wearing
a dark green dress with ruffles at the sleeves and a full skirt.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
I hope you brought your swimming suit.
I thought we would go swimming.
Crystal blushed. I dont have a bathing suit.
Thats OK. He pulled out a blue one piece bathing suit. This is my mothers. I think it
will fit you.
I didnt know your mother had such a slim waist.
Go put it on. Hurry up.
Crystal went behind a bush to change and when she came back Alssander had his suit on
too. So how do I look?
Wow! It definitely looks better on you than my mother. he said admiringly.
Crystal blushed.
Shall we? Taking her hand they plunged into the cool, clear river.
They swam all day in the river. They talked, splashed, and dived. At the end of the day,
they watched the sunset. I would ask you to dinner at the palace but I am afriad you
wouldnt be a welcomed guest.
It is OK Alssander. I understand.
Maybe one day my sweet. They shared a kiss before they parted. See you tomorrow.
They went their separate ways, in separate directions.
Many wonderful tomorrows followed and you never saw a happier couple.
They rowed boats and swam. They had picnics and long walks in the forest. Alssander
told Crystal about his dreams and problems and everything in between.
The barriers came down between fairy and elf. For this fairy and elf, all they saw was the
soul of the other and fell even more in love. In love with each other and not just because
of who they are or who they arent.


Avalon Publication(June 2001)