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Name: Metre-Mia

Age: 21-22

Height: 8ft 2in

Occupation/Status: High Death Lord to the house of Demishanti and ruler of
its residence of Steelyest

Race: Cursed Seterip (grayskin)

Description: Black hair with white streaks reaching toward her breasts.
Blue gray death plate consisting of skull helm, skull breast plate, largely
spiked shoulder pad, armored bracers, slit skirt held up by runed belt, black
thigh highs and knee high armored boots. All this rests on Metre's thin,
sensual body.
Metre-Mia's skin is dark iron gray and very smooth. Her eyes are void black
and her teeth are carnivorous. Metre's breasts are plump but handleable and
her rump is thick, having only a thin string from her hair woven thong in
between her buttocks....this is shown whenever Metre's skirt becomes too
heavy at the waist.

Attitude: Metre-Mia would be called a paranoid schitzophrenic by a human, a
race she considers horrid and extremely weak. She cares alot for her
subjects and fellow Steelyestians, but can switch from easily aroused to
muderous within minutes. The Death Lord prefers to drink wine often, because
it keeps her attitude from running out of control. Besides her racial
motivation to eat her enemies and fornicate with the dead, Metre has no idea
that her lesbian activities and her love of torture may offend others.

Weapon: Very large, double-ended lance that is jaggedly shaped and blue
black in color. At home this weapon is called a disemboweler. Her second
weapon is a short lightning bolt shaped sword known as a Negan.

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