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Adon Chac

Adon Chac

Adon Chac

My name is Adon Chac and I live a mile away from a town called Cornel, a seaport for foreign trade and industry. My home is a small cottage with his adopted mother, Sirona. I lost my natural parents to a storm on sea when we were coming back from a foreign continent where my dad, a trapper, was selling some of that years collected furs to some villagers in a cold northern country where the market for warm furs was in demand. The storm took my parents lives and Sirona, a magess and friend of my natural mother, took me in as her own when I was 5 years old. She taught me the ways of the mystic, though I am no mage, I scry and hear the stories and songs of the sea that some might overlook as simple waves beating upon some rocks or rushing
onto shore. Collecting shells is my hobby and many shells do I have. Each shell had a story to tell and I am one of the few that ever took time to listen.

Some say I am a romantic teen. I have a secret love that I admire from afar. I am a bard, the youngest one of Cornel, and very much liked by the older bards around, though they say my work is much to long winded at times. I only
sing what I hear in the sounds of the ocean.

Avalon Publication July 2000

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