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How the North Got its Just Desserts


A good rule I learned is not to anger a god. It was a very simple rule but you would be surprised how many people don't follow it. They just don't listen and because of that, everyone has to suffer.
I got ahead of myself here. I did not introduce myself. My name is Tomas Woodspear. I used to live in a village called Redding Cross in the Valley of Blue Moon. Why don't I live there anymore? Well that is simple. They village and valley around it, destroyed by a god. Which god you may ask? Ciela, Goddess of the Sky, that's who.
Let me start back a bit. When we arrived at the valley, it was practically barren. So my people prayed to the Goddess of the Sky for rain.Well as the story goes, she came down in a form of a cloud and spoke to my people. She had promised green and fertile land in exchange for worship and a feast once a year in her honor. Lately though the goddess has become so fickled. We prayed to her for rain and she didn't give us any. Instead we had a drought for a week and the crops wilted. Before that she sent snow! Could you believe it?! We lost many of our livestock. We don't get snow in this part of the area.
After a few weeks of this, people started to talk. It was just yesterday, I sat in the Three Swords Inn enjoying an ale when my neighbor, Erik Bluemeadow walked in. He spotted me and sat down. "Nice weather we are having," he replied. The goddess had sent one of her trademark snowstorms."What brings you out on a night like this?" Blueneadow smiled. "Enjoying an ale with my neighbor and complaining about the weather like everyone else. If this keeps up, I think we should stop worshipping the Goddess of the Sky." Some people and their ideas. "I don't think that is such a good idea," I replied. " I can tell you now the goddes won't like it." Bluemeadow rolled his eyes. "You always play it safe."
"I play it smart." I replied. Bluemeadow took a swig of his ale. "All I am saying if this keeps up, I am going to find another god to worship and I am not the only one who feels this way." He drank his mug dry." I will see you later Woodspear." He got up and left.
By the next day, it still snowed. It continued to snow for a week. I was again sitting in the Three Swords Inn when Bluemeadow stormed through the door. "This is the last straw!" he bellowed.
"What is?" I asked.
"This storm you idiot! I lost another livestock and all my crops forze. The goddess will pay and pay dearly." I knew this would lead to no good.
"Now, now, think about what you are saying. Who knows what the goddess will do."
"Tell me Woodspear, how are your crops and livestock doing?" he spat.
"well, about the same as everyone else. We lost some crops and livestock too." He studied me for a long moment. "I think we need to teach Ciela, Goddess of the Sky, a lesson. She has to learn she can't treat people like this."
"What are you going to do?"
"You will see," he said. I didn't like the sound of that."
Now the next day was Firstday. The first day of the week, we all go down to Ciela's temple with our offerings. When my family and neghbors arrived, we found the temple smashed and burned to the ground. Shocked, I looked around at all the other shocked faces. There was another temple of Ciela's in the next village. However that one was smashed and burned too. From listening to the villagers talk, all of Ciela's temples in this area were gone. Then i had an idea who had done this. It had to be Bluemeadow. I spotted him in the crowd and walked over. "Did you smash all of Ciela's temples?" I whispered.
"I told you I would do something drastic." he whispered back.
"You can't possibly think you will get away with this."
"Wanna bet." I knew this was wrong but what could I do? I knew the goddess would punish us. I didn't have to wait long.
It happened in the marketplace. The streets were full of people and carts. Suddenly out of the sky came a great ball of fire. It hovered above us then a man's form appeared out of the fire. The man had long blonde hair and wore a gold vest and leather pants. Then he spoke, "I am Devon, god of the sun. I have a message from Ciela, Goddess of the Sky. She is angered by your actions aganist her temples. I have no pleasure in doing this, however it must be done." I stepped forward. " Oh great God of the Sun, not all of us destroyed her goddessness's temples. Why should all of us suffer?"
"If you did nothing to stop it then you are all to blame. I have no choice in what I have to do. You have til sunrise tomorrow to pack and leave. Those who decide to stay will suffer the consequences." With a flash, he was gone.
After the god left, a murmur rose through the crowd. Some people left to pack. Merchants packed up as fast as possible. With the excitement over, I left to get my family ready for the trip. I knew my wife would be upset and not want to leave but I didn't want to be here when the fireballs started flying.
Before sunrise, we lieft with the rest of the group who decided to heed Devon's words and leave. People from all the villages gathered at the central clearing that met all the five villages in the valley. I guess news traveled fast. People headed south, east, and west. I decided to head east, closer to Haven, the capital of Avalon.
It took five days to reach the spot in which we decided to settle. I noticed people from my village settled here. There were one hundred people after everyone settled in. We renamed our village Redding Cross in memory of our home. However, this valley's name is Blue Mountain. The snow lasted six moons. We got used to the cold and learned to prepare for it. As soon as the snow melted, we built temples for both Devon, the sun god and Ciela, the goddess of the sky. As for me, I started over as a farmer.As soon as I could, I took the trip back north. A desert stood where my home used to be. In fact it is all desert. Funny thing, after Devon's warning, I never saw Bluemeadow
again. I asked around and no one else saw him neither. He just seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Well, now you know what happened. Remember this tale and remember this important rule: Never anger the gods!
Tomas Woodspear



Avalon Publication (Feburary 2001)

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