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Character's Name: Veyseili
Age: Unknown (time for fire is meaningless, plus she lost track)
Race: Sala (beings of the realm of fire)


Sala are humanoid beings of fire that spring to life like an errant
spark that starts a new blaze. Much like every flame seems to have a life
and personality of its own, so too do the Sala. Also much like fire, the
more they consume in their heat the stronger they become.
Veyseili is no exception.

Standing 5'7", her lithe, toned, slender frame reminiscent of the
dancing candle flicker, beautiful in its light and deadly in its voracious
desires. Her eyes, swirling pools of molten steel, ever heating and cooling
with the slight changes of passions rage and ire. Her hair like that of
turmulous unbound flames, cascading about her shoulders and licking at her
brow. Her face the resplendent, angular, and expressive visage of the
summer sun shimmering off a still lake. Her skin bronzed and smooth,
without trace of age or deformity.
Her garb is that of darkest midnight and just as weightless and
soundless. A shirt of thousands of small, thin jet tear drops, like soft
leather to her skin yet still uncannily protective. Each small sliver is
emblazoned with a different, slightly luminescent, silver rune or symbol,
many of which had been thought lost to time. Her trousers that of thin,
silk like obsidian. Light passing through the whispy folds bringing out the
perfect shadowy outlines of her muscular dancers legs and torso. Her boots
that of ancient black dragon scale, higher on her calves than shins, the
soles of which have an unknown origin, tinkling like small bells with each
step one moment or silent as death the next, seemingly controlled by a
thought. Lastly her weapon, a blade unmatched. A scimitar, the blade of
which was enchanted ages past, made of alexandrite, shimmering blue-green in
the light and deep violet, almost black, in the darkness. The hilt is
fashioned in the likeness of a diving phoenix, its outstretched wings
forming the cross-guard, and made from amazonite, a prismatic pale
azure-blue like spider-webbed marble.

At times she may be found wearing trousers of the same fashion as her shirt,
used only for note worthy battles or special occasions.

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