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In the Beginning

Constance De'Beir

"Princess. Time for bed." Constance's nursemaid called out. She turned down the covers of the little girl's bed.
"Aww. Do I have to? I'm not even tired." whined the little heiress.
"All little princesses need their sleep." Constance grumbled but got into bed anyways. "Well, O.K. but you have to tell me a story." The old woman smiled.
"OK, sweet one but only one story." The little princess settled down and listened to the story. "Well? I'm waiting." The nursemaid thought for awhile then she had the perfect tale. She began: In the beginning, there was Mother Sky and Father Earth. Nothing lived on Earth and they were lonely. Then Father Earth decided to create life so Earth would not be barren anymore. He created trees,
plants, rivers , mountains, and animals. The little girl interrupted, "How could he do that?" The ekderly woman thought for a moment. "Cause he was very powerful." She asked again. The nursemaid was ready for this question. "He is a god, child." Constance thought about it. "Why?" The nanny was getting impatient. "Do you want me to finish the story or not?" The girl nodded.
"OK, then. Where was I? Oh yes now I remember." Then he took the clouds from Mother Sky and created the gods. Mother Sky then madethe Sun, Moon andstars. She
made it rain and as the raindrops fell to the ground, they became people. She made the furst races on Earth. Father Earth taught the first people how to farm
and take care of the planet.
The new-born races built villages and cities. "What were they made of?" the princess interrupted again. "What was what made of?"
"The cities and villages. "
"Honestly child! They were made of wood. Now please listen to the story." Some lived in the country. Some lived in cities. They began to develop a civilazation with different types of jobs. Some became blacksmiths, merchants, healers, and farmers. The people began to worship the gods as part of their religion. The old nanny looked over at her charge to see if she was going to ask any more questions but the princess kept quiet. The gods are called many different names depending on the race of the people. For example, the we called Mother Sky, Ceila. She is the goddess of the sky and she controls all the weather. She is a moody
goddess and evil. We called Father Sky, Terdon. He is God of the Earth and the Harvest. He is the sumpreme god over all other gods. Terdon is a good, kind and fair god. He chose for his queen, Ciela. They have four children: Lyndra, (Goddess of Nature) Coroban, (God of Mischief) the twins Amros, (God of Love) and Amorsa (Goddess of Love and Beauty). That was how the first people of Earth came to be.
Finally, the nanny finished the story without any interruptions from her inquistive charge. She looked over only to find the heiress fast asleep. The old woman chuckled to herself. That didn't take long. I wish she fall asleep like that every night.

Avalon Publication (September 2000)