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My Pets

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Storyteller's Corner


I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.


I love animals. I have had many pets. I have had three dogs and tons of hamsters and gerbils. I don't have my hamsters and gerbils anymore.
My first pet was a collie named Lady. She was 14 years old when she died two years ago. She died of a heart attack.:(
I loved her very much. She used to climb on the couch and eat out of the garbage. She was the most, gentle dog I had.
You can pull her ears and play with her tail and she would never bite.
One thing she used to do quite a bit was run away. My family used to call Lady, Houdini because she get out of the backyard all the time. I had to call the police a few times because she got loose. One time the police found Lady with a piece of french bread in her mouth.:)


We got Brutus before Lady died. Brutus is a miniture dachshund. He is three years old. We got Brutus from a breeder in Illinois near where I live. Each breed is different with its own personality. Brutus was boss when he was a puppy. I did some of the training myself to train him.
Now Brutus has a playmate named Hunter, another dachshund.
He is not the Alpha dog anymore.:)

Hunter is a miniture dachshund too. He is all red with a bit of black on his tail. Unlike Brutus who is all brown. Hunter is smaller and longer. hunter weighs 12lbs and Brutus weighs 15lbs. We call Hunter are "problem child" because she is the troublemaker. We don't need a doorbell with him around. He barks before people come to the door. Hunter does lots of silly things. He always wants what Brutus has. He will go and still Brutus's toys. Brutus has to hide behind the couch to get his brother to leave him alone.
Hunter is a smart dog. His parents are show dogs. His father used to track down rabbits and small animals the breeders set up as an obstacle course. We got Hunter from a breeder in Maddison, Wisconsin.


Houdini is my hamster. He is a teddy bear hamster with brown fur and brown eyes. He has a white tummy. He is almost 6 months old. He is well named because he has escaped twice and caught twice. He got out bty pushing the tray at the bottom of the cage with his body. He loves rolling around in his ball.
I am saddened to report that Houdini died on June 30, 2001.
He suffocated when I brought him on vacation with me.

Storyteller's Corner